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Audio Production - Intro to Logic Pro X

For the past month the participants in the Audio Production program learned to Open a new project in Logic Pro X, Insert sounds on tempo, Record using the microphone, loop their audio composition and add parts in real time otherwise known as "punch record". Few participants came in with no prior knowledge of the digital audio workstation, while others had basic knowledge of the program.

It is anticipated that as the participants continue to attend, they will showcase what they have learned over the past weeks while continuing to create new instrumentals and songs...

By: Hopeton LaTouche

Date: October 2017

Catch da Flava Radio - Halloween!

Blog- Oct 31, 2017 For this Halloween edition of Catch da Flava, Joel introduced the conversation by sharing a scary poem before handing things over to Diamond, for a panel discussion on Toronto's youth population caffeine consumption and the vulnerabilities associated with the excessive use of coffee and caffeine in general. We discussed our concerns as well as our own individual experiences with caffeine. With caffeine readily available, legally accessible and socially accepted in the form of pop, coffee, tea, energy drinks etc, this psychoactive drug can be used by anyone- even children- and it seems as if it's growing amongst young people as a coffee culture of sorts continues to rise and trend. Statistics show that 44.6% of adolescents, most of which between the age of 14-16 years-old consume caffeine between 1-6 times per week. We commented on why we as a society and individuals should be worried about the consumption of caffeine not only by our youth but in ch…

Power By Nature - Child Abuse Prevention

Date: Oct 30, 2017

Hosts : Shadae & Brianne
Guests : Claudette Bled and Ramona Chereches from CAST
Topic : Child Abuse Prevention

October is Child Abuse Prevention month, and this week Shadae and Brianne lead a conversation to raise awareness about how to identify and help prevent child abuse and neglect with our special guests from CAST Toronto Children’s Aid Society. Before they went into an in- depth conversation, Claudette and Ramona, shared their history with CAST. For the second half, our hosts discussed the guidelines of one’s ‘duty to report’ and how CAS can help build better relationships with communities while strengthening families. A portion of the show was focused on how CAST can work with young families and strengthen relationships to reduce fear of the societies.

Near the end of the show, the host led a discussion that involved questions from the communities. These questions were from young families who sometimes felt stigmatized. The conversation led…

Catch da Flava Radio - Talking About Stress and The TD Centre for Learning

For our October 24th Catch da Flava Youth Radio show, we started off with a panel discussion with Diamond Bailey discussing stress and how it can lead to mental illness. In studio we had Joel Williams, Beverley Fajardo, and Erika Kakrah to talk about their own experience with stress and how it can lead to more serious issues. Some of the questions revolved around myths or misconceptions of stress they know, “good” and bad stress, and whether there is even such a differentiation. Some participants noted that some cultures may not even view stress or mental illness as actual problems, and may go so far as to deem the individual “weak”. Some of the participants even noted alternative methods that can curb the negative effects of stress without turning to drugs, such as meditation. The participants shared their personal issues surrounding stress, some very relevant to their current situation, such as Beverley talking about an interaction with her parents that caused her to exper…

Indie Game Dev Program - It's Back!

RPF Indie Game Dev Catalyst Club
After a break at the end of the summer, the Catalyst Club is back and on a year long journey.
For the returning youth, the first month of the year long program has been a time to wrap up on their summer projects while eyeing year long projects to start working on.  They're not beginners anymore, their ambitions have grown and they are building the courage (and skillsets) to start creating their dream games.
For the new faces, the first month has been a challenging series of mountains to climb, building their programming and design proficiency while also working through tough questions of choice like "what do you want to create?".  Having reached the summit of basic skill development, they are now eyeing first projects to begin working on and/or additional skill set to acquire.
Stay tuned to hear about the projects being developed and workshops being offered.
By:  Fernando Restituto

Catch da Flava Radio - ADHD Drugs, Anxiety and Nootropics

Radio Blog - Oct 17, 2017​

For Catch da Flava’s October 17th show, host Diamond Bailey held a panel discussion about post-secondary students reaching for ADHD drugs and other stimulants to achieve academic success. With students stressed and frazzled, they have turned to studying with the aid of prescription pills that are not necessarily their own.​

With 65 per cent of students surveyed by the Center of innovation for campus Mental Health saying that they experienced overwhelming anxiety in the last year, an increase from 57 per cent in 2013, we agreed that the increased stress students faced should encourage them to look to other coping mechanisms rather than such a dangerous alternative.​

Additionally, we discussed the topic of Nootropics also known as “smart drugs.” They are cognitive enhancers and are yet to be legal, so we wondered whether the government should allow it to be legally sold as it is illegal to sell in Canada. ​

Accordingly, we talked about the many side ef…

Powerful by Nature - Teen Pregnancy & Stigma

Date: Oct 16, 2017

Hosts : Moya & Victoria
Guests : Anny, Shadae, & Sherry
Topic : Teen Pregnancy & Stigma

This week Moya and Victoria shed some light on teen pregnancy and the stigma that young parents deal with on the day to day. Moya and Victoria welcome the rest of the PowerfulXNature team to the show which includes: Anny and Shadae; and Sherry the Youth Leadership Program lead at Jessie’s Centre ; who all share experiences throughout the show about pregnancy and parenting as a youth and the stigma that they have experienced. For the second half, our hosts lead a conversation on how the media can portray teen parents in a negative way and the impact that this can have. Being shamed for decisions that you’ve made and being stigmatized makes navigating the world very difficult. We also discuss how the team is changing the dialogue through the Community Education Program at Jessie’s Centre; and how Shadae through her blog, She's Too Young To Mom …

Catch da Flava Radio - Mental Health Topics and The National Urban Inuit Youth Council

For this week’s October 10th show, Catch da Flava once again revisited the issue of mental health and students, hosted by Diamond Bailey with guest panelists Judy Pham and Joel Williams.

We talked about the demand for mental health services amongst Toronto's youth which contrasts with society's perception of this age group being relatively healthy. Additionally we discussed our experiences with mental health in a school setting.

With 70% of mental health problems having their onset during childhood or adolescence and young people aged 15 to 24 being more likely to experience mental illnesses and/or substance abuse than any other age group, we fully understood the growth of demands and acknowledge the many universities and businesses who are doing more to combat the lack of services for Toronto's youth.

Furthermore in respect to CAMH (Centre of Addiction and Mental Health) estimation of 4,000 Canadians dying of suicide as well as suicide being the second leading cause o…

The Women's Hour - Walking With Our Sisters

This week co-host Jenny Blackbird invites representatives from art installation Walking With Our Sisters to talk about the upcoming event, and its significance to supporting the conversation and change around the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The commemorative art exhibit will start Oct. 15th-29th at the Aboriginal Education Centre in Toronto. The installation hopes to honour missing or murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirited people. For more, please check out their Facebook event page:

Divas Girls Group - "This is Me"

October 6th 2017

Starting off for the month of October the Divas shared their “This Is Me” poems that they wrote the previous week. Many of the poems were inspiring and the girls spoke highly of themselves. The Canvas ladies, Londzo and Maymuna, had an activity prepared that involved digging skin deep. The Divas were required to analyze their meaning of beautiful then study a few pictures of racial stereotypes and moved forward in having a discussion on the impact of these negative stereotypes. They even shared their own experience of being stereotyped. After a 15-minute break the Divas regrouped and watched a video about colorism then were to reflect on how they felt about the video. A lot of the girls had great insight on how they felt about the video. Lastly, the Divas wrapped up the rest of the evening with writing in their journals. Next week, there will be a lot more exciting activities for the Diva girls.

By: Alexis Augustine

Past Poems

My Hijab My Right

Catch da Flava - Mental Health Awareness Week

For our Catch da Flava Youth Radio show on October 2nd, 2017 we centred the show on mental health concerns as it is mental health awareness week. We started the conversation with covering the recent news on 17-year-old teenager Noah Irvine and his quest to bring more awareness and resources to mental health concerns to the Canadian government. Noah was only five years old when his mother passed away from suicide. Then three years ago when Noah was fifteen, his father passed away from a drug overdose. Noah believes it could have been prevented if the government had provided more resources for mental health.

He started off writing to every member of Parliament, then later was able to meet with the Federal Minister of Health, and just recently had a scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister, scheduled for Wednesday morning. Sharing this story, we also provided some audio clips of the story being covered by local media outlets to highlight how much public attention young Noah i…