Media Literacy Week - Day 5

For our last show celebrating Media Literacy Week on November 10th, We shared an interview with President of the Ontario College of Management and Technology, and Chair of the International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference, Yomi Olalere. Mr. Olalere shared with us some best practices when it comes to protecting oneself online, including two factor authentication that Professor Deibert mentioned in our Thursday show, and trying as much as possible to only utilized website that have a security feature, what he calls “HTTPS” as opposed to “HTTP”, as it guarantees that the website has security features meant to protect their visitors.

In continuing his advice on how to protect oneself online, Mr. Olalere tells us to stay guarded, not to interact with people we don’t know online, and to make sure to privatize our accounts and only share with those we actually know. He mentions that the significance of having a cyber security and intelligence conference comes down to the fact th…

Media Literacy Week - Day 4

For our Thursday November 9th radio show celebrating Media Literacy Week, we welcomed founder and director of The Citizen Lab at The Munk School of Global Affairs at The University of Toronto, Professor Ron Deibert. Professor Deibert joined us for a very informed half hour discussion on technology and politics. With a background in political science, Professor Deibert found that politics has now bled into the technological world, as more abuses of power have spread online, such as documented activity of governments hacking into citizen accounts. High target individuals such as investigative journalists, other politicians, and human rights activists have had their privacy infringed upon.
Professor Deibert talked to us about his work at The Citizen Lab, what it does to expose government abuses, and how he feels that politics is no longer simply a social science, and that it necessarily has to bleed into computer science and engineering, as many of his colleagues at The Citizen Lab ha…

Media Literacy Week - Day 3

On November 8th, Indigenous Youth Radio premiered their rebooted radio show with new host Chantal McGregor. Chantal works at Council Fire Native as the Youth-Drop-In Wellness Navigator and discussed Media Literacy Week and Treaty Recognition Week for this series of the show, as they are on the same week. Treaty Recognition Week is always the first week of November, so for this year it was on November 5th to 11th, and this is the second annual Treaty Recognition Week for the province of Ontario. This celebration is meant to honour the importance of treaties and helping people learn more about treaty rights and treaty relationships.

Promoting greater awareness of treaties is one of efforts by the Ontario government to facilitate healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. It is meant to be the government's commitment to work with Indigenous partners and rebuilding relationships based on trust and respect with First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit. The Treaties Recognition Week Act …

Media Literacy Week - Day 2

For our November 7th show of Catch da Flava Youth Radio, we sat down with Josh Dyer from Myseum Toronto, to talk about how Myseum is changing the way we connect through curated material. In celebration of Media Literacy Week, we talked to Josh about how Myseum utilizes information technology to create a new model of museums, as it travels from different locations, highlights different facets of city life, and uses the internet to share some of the highlights of Toronto.

This year’s Media Literacy Week theme is “Inclusion in a Connected World: A Place and Voice for All”. In light of this year’s theme, we ask Josh how he believes Myseum creates a sense of inclusion through their innovative new model of what a museum is. Josh shares that through pop-up exhibits, social media, the internet, and traveling the city, Myseum helps engage the narratives and stories that don’t often get told, that usually are ignored because it highlights different spaces through their pop-up exhibits, and so…

Media Literacy Week - Day 1

On Monday, November 6th, Regent Park Focus introduced its week-long radio programming to promote Media Literacy Week, with special guests Simona Ramkisson from Mozilla HIVE Toronto and Craig Carter-Edwards, Zoya Khan, and Eliana Trinaistic from Migrahack and Welcome Home TO to talk about media literacy from different perspectives and organizations. Co-hosts Diamond, Judy, and Kyle were able to sit down with them to talk about this year’s Media Literacy Week theme: Inclusion in a Connected World: A Place and Voice For All.

We would like to thank our special radio guests Simona Ramkisson, Craig Carter-Edwards, Zoya Khan, and Eliana Triniastic for sharing their perspective and experience on how media literacy helps create inclusion in a connected world. We would also like to thank Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Laura Albanese for taking the time out to visit our centre and spread the word about this generous grant, and sitting down to chat with us.

Interview with Simona Ramki…

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Laura Albanese

On Monday, November 6th, Regent Park Focus welcomed its doors to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Laura Albanese. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration recently awarded Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre a generous grant for civic engagement, through the Multicultural Community Capacity Grant program. This program aims to utilize funding from the grant in order to support a civic engagement project that engages newcomer youth through multimedia resources that promote social inclusion and participation in community life.

After, Diamond spoke to the audience who attended the special press conference for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to talk about how Regent Park Focus has helped her through media arts, and how it has benefited her as a resident of Regent Park. Shortly afterward, Diamond joined us again to go on radio with co-host Judy to talk to Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Laura Albanese about the grant that Regent Park Focus rec…

Audio Production - Intro to Logic Pro X

For the past month the participants in the Audio Production program learned to Open a new project in Logic Pro X, Insert sounds on tempo, Record using the microphone, loop their audio composition and add parts in real time otherwise known as "punch record". Few participants came in with no prior knowledge of the digital audio workstation, while others had basic knowledge of the program.

It is anticipated that as the participants continue to attend, they will showcase what they have learned over the past weeks while continuing to create new instrumentals and songs...

By: Hopeton LaTouche

Date: October 2017